Christian Rühlmann

Some of my work:

crate shelf

Structure made from steel with a wooden top. Reusing vegetable crates.
Size: 63.5x40x88cm

lounge chair

Made from wood and steel.
Size: 70x77x68cm (w x h x d)

floating futon

A futon bed with integrated book shelf built from pine plywood.
The shelf in the wall is framed with the same material for a cohesive spatial experience.

Berlin Friedenau

This custom wall spanning bookshelf is constructed without the use of screws. It showcases the impressive book collection of the clients and gives a modern yet unintrusive feel to the space.

zehn °

A modern interpretation of the country house style.
Size 140x85x78cm


Foldable LED desk light made from oak wood.


LED luminaire made from oak veneer using boat building techniques.
Size 80cm (diameter)

Van LT46

Conversion of a former UPS step van to a self contained rolling home. It is intended for full time living and features solar power, gas stove and heating, composting toilet, fresh and greywater tanks, ample storage and full insulation for cold winter days.