Christian Rühlmann

Some more of my work:


Storage glasses made from handblown glas with smoked oak lids.
In collaboration with Karina Wendt.


Spectacle frames made from european woods.


Concept of a sustainable backpack & tote combination. Hemp fabric dyed with natural dyes. Can be produced entirely within a 50km radius in Brandenburg/Germany.


Concept for a headlight that is integrated in the aesthetics of a modern roadbike. Designed for CNC machining.

luminaire study

Concept of an expressive and yet minimalistic dining room luminaire.

connected light

Concept of a contemporary office light series.


Tiny house concept developed with a team of students during my studies at FH Potdam. The prototype was exhibited at IMM Cologne.


Smart rental stations for stand up paddle boards. Personal free rental process via proprietary app. Design and production with Moritz Wussow.


Concept of a houseboat that truly unites the essential attributes of both boat and house. Conceived as a fully self sustained living space with e-propulsion, able to be manufactured utelizing modern aluminum boatbuilding techniques for serial production. Created in collaboration with Moritz Wussow.

book "cabinafloat"

Book covering the details of houseboat concept cabinafloat.


Portable plastic recycling machines designed and built together with Moritz Wussow.

Better Together Award trophies

Trophies made from recycled plastics.

white nature

Experiments with shapes inspired by bud leaves. Sculpture created from oak wood and porcelaine.


Coffee table book covering a voyage across the atlantic ocean with sailing vessel “Mira Polaris”. Scans from analogue film negatives.